Friday, November 22, 2013

Pandemic: A Novel (Infected #3) by Scott Sigler

Expected Release Date: January 21, 2014
Publisher: Crown Publishing
Series: Infected #3

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

After the world began to fall prey to an alien virus, drastic measures were taken to ensure the safety and survival of the human race. Dr. Margaret Montoya was among those on the front lines and found a way to detect the hidden disease before it was too late. The alien craft was defeated, blown to bits by the military. Or so everyone thought.

A new, more dangerous threat emerges years later and wrecks havoc on the human population. With millions infected and the world dissolving into chaos, all eyes turn toward those who already saved the world once. Can this small group of people put aside differences in order to save humanity? Will the alien virus consume the planet?

I must confess something. I've been a fan of Scott Sigler since listening to the first two books in this series, Infected and Contagious, when they were only available in podcast form. So when I saw that this book was available at Netgalley for review, I quickly submitted my offer to read and review it in exchange for an honest and fair review. With that being said, you don't have to be completely familiar with Scott Sigler's work in order to enjoy this book. It's a great read either way.

At the beginning there is a bit of a rundown of what took place in the previous two books. There was a lot but everything the reader needed to know was shown in a way that felt laid back and didn't overwhelm the reader. I would recommend reading the previous two books in the series because they are as entertaining and action-packed as Pandemic, but the author weaves enough of the history within the current storyline that the book could stand alone if need be.

Because I remember the podcast versions, I honestly read this book in the voice of Scott Sigler. The returning characters stayed true to form (although there were some surprises that even I didn't see coming toward the end of the book) and newer ones filled their positions efficiently and realistically. Even though some of the characters were from scientific or military backgrounds, they spoke with a level of intelligence and authority that one would expect from them. However, they didn't act or speak in a way that went over the reader's head. It was easy to follow along and comprehend even some of the most sciency of parts.

When the virus begins to take hold of a person in the book, there's a clear distinction between what they would do as a regular human being and what the virus thinks a human should do. It helps to convey the idea that the alien virus wants humanity to die out. I almost got the feeling in several places that the aliens were afraid of what we might become and thus wanted to prevent us from advancing. Because the book takes place in the not so distant future, one can wonder if this could truly happen with all of the objects that pass by Earth today.

There's plenty of action within the book to keep things moving and interesting. When things begin to go south, the reader's strapped in and unable to look away. No place to hide, everything is laid out for the reader to endure. I truly felt sorry for some of the characters as their own moral and ethical limits were tested in ways I wouldn't want to contemplate. In all honesty, I doubt that I'd last a minute in the book's world.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and will be purchasing a copy when it becomes available in 2014. It was a page-turner that I had difficulty putting down. Truthfully, I stayed up many nights to sneak in a few more pages before sleep. If you are looking for a rollercoaster thrill ride with an all too real kind of feel, this book is one you should definitely look into. Heck, get the whole series. It's worth it.

Pandemic: A Novel (Infected #3) by Scott Sigler will be available at many online retailers upon its release in January 2014. It will be available for purchase in either hardback or Kindle format. You can pre-order a copy from Amazon by using the link below.
Pandemic: A Novel (Infected #3) by Scott Sigler


  1. Wow, I am thrilled you enjoyed the INFECTED series so much, and PANDEMIC in particular. And thanks for blogging about it, you rock.

    1. My pleasure! I do enjoy them and have introduced them to my husband. Thank you for writing them!

  2. OK, you have piqued my interest. I may have to read this myself now. Thank you for sharing my friend! :)

    1. Most welcome! I love spreading the word about awesome books. Scott Sigler has a number of other books/stories you might like as well. Be sure to visit his site!