Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sad News

My heart's heavy as I write this post. Most of you know that the last part of 2015 was difficult for a number of reasons. Between my husband's health and my own, we were in and out of doctor's offices nearly every week. While we have a grip on what is going on with him, my own health isn't so easy to fix.

During a routine follow-up visit with my lung doctor, it was discovered that a portion of my lungs aren't working as they should. I'm not getting the oxygen I need, and this is causing a major strain on my heart. As of this moment, I have a number of procedures to go through, limiting my time, energy and resources. Until I'm able to pick up the blog once again, I'm afraid that this is it.

For all the authors and readers who've stuck by me throughout these years, I'm so very grateful and thankful for having the opportunity to read your wonderful works and share my thoughts with you all. I remain hopeful that I can come back to this place one day and pick up where I left off. Until that time I pray that your words ever be plentiful and the joy of reading never fade from your lives. 

Until next time,
Kay B