FTC Disclaimer

A large number of the books that I review are those that I have purchased or borrowed from friends and family. However, there are some ARCs  (Advance Reader Copies) that I have received from giveaways or contests that I have entered as well as books I've requested from NetGalley.

In the reviews for those books, it will be clearly expressed that I have been given the book in exchange for a honest and fair review. These reviews are my own thoughts and feelings about the book based upon what I've read and are not influenced by the author or publisher. I receive no payment or any compensation such as discounts or referral fees for any of my reviews at this present time.

If you are interested in sending me a book to review, please feel free to contact me via the avenues given below. I ask that you include a cover photo and any information that would be include in the review such as a synopsis or author bio. Please be aware that I give fair, honest reviews based upon my impressions of the work whether good or bad. Due to current workload, it may take up to 4-6 weeks before the review appears on the blog.

Email  -  kaybrooks1977@gmail.com

Twitter  -  @KayBrooksCoWa


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