My Ratings and Reviews

All the reviews in this blog are based on my personal interpretation and feelings of the author's work after I have completed reading. If possible, I will have an honest and fair review of each book I've read posted within my posting schedule. I reserve the right not to post a review if it would not be beneficial to the author(s).

Each posting will contain the book cover, a rating, a brief and spoiler-free synopsis, review and publishing as well as purchasing information from whenever possible. I also post the reviews at Goodreads as well as Amazon when applicable.

For the reader, I will provide the following list for each book that I review.
  1. Book Cover*
  2. Release Date
  3. Publisher
  4. Author Website (if applicable)
  5. Star Rating
  6. Synopsis
  7. Review
  8. Link to listing for purchasing

My rating system

5 stars  -  Outstanding work. This book should be on your to-read list ASAP!

4 stars  -  Really liked the book and would consider rereading at some point in the future.

3 stars  -  Liked the book for various reasons but not a favorite.

2 stars  -  Found the book to be okay. Not something I would read again.

1 star   -  Had trouble getting through the book or simply didn't like the book for various reasons.

*The book cover images are used as a guide for the reader to know the actual work being discussed in the review post. All credits for the images belong to the author, publisher, etc.

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