Hi, I'm Kay...

And I'm a word addict. Definitely a book addict.

One of my earliest memories is my grandmother holding me on her lap and reading to me. She read many a children's book, the Bible, and whatever else that was handy and full of words. From those precious moments bloomed my craving for the written word.

In school I was the bookworm and always had a book with me. Whenever I had a chance, I was also writing. This makes it less surprising to my friends and family that I have a book review blog which combines both of my loves into one special project.

Because of some serious health issues, I have plenty of time to devote to the blog and a community project that others and myself started earlier this year. Each and every book on this blog has been read, reviewed with honesty and awaiting new homes with you, the readers.

Have a seat next me. We're all word addicts here. Glad you're with us.

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