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DreamWeaver by Rejean Giguere

Release Date: March 30, 2011
Publisher: Rejean Giguere

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

How far would you go to find the someone you loved the most? That's the question Zeke asked himself a thousand times before setting out on a journey to find his lost sister, Jane. Having been reported missing from the school in Southeast Asia, Jane's nowhere to be found and time's running out.

Zeke fears the worst as he plans both a rescue and a recovery effort. Taking it upon himself, he gets no further than her last known location when a mysterious offer to help comes his way. He must now answer the question again, maybe for the last time. How far will he go to get Jane back?

Touching on a subject that anyone with an ounce of compassion could relate to is what makes this story draw the reader in right away. In the beginning, Zeke has already begun the hard task of tracking down his sister after attempts by proper authorities have failed. He attempts to move Heaven and Earth himself in order to find the last bit of family left and is sent back home without so much as a clue to her whereabouts.

Both the reader and Zeke are swept up in a very emotional adventure because Zeke's honest sibling love and desperation are not hidden from the reader's view. When he finally decides to answer the mysterious offer of help, it's readily apparent that he feels as though he has no other alternative. That resolve and love for his sister carry him through some of the grueling trials to deem him worthy of assistance.

The story itself is a quick read as we are presented the background facts in the beginning and follow Zeke as he makes up his mind without a lot of thought on the matter. For him, the answer of what he must do is clear. There's quite a lot of action in a short span of time. With the areas Zeke must delve into, the mystical element is always present. Sometimes it's waiting on the outside of a scene but the reader can feel it there.

In the end, I liked this story because it posed a question that anyone could relate to. The characters were easy for the reader to identify with once the story was underway and the action was well-crafted and not over-the-top in regard to the overall story. Definitely a great read. I'm hoping there's a sequel out there or will be soon. If you like a touch of horror with your emotional journeys, most definitely get this book.

DreamWeaver by Rejean Giguere is available at most online retailers in either paperback or Kindle forms. It can be purchased at Amazon by clicking the link below.
DreamWeaver by Rejean Giguere

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