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Angels in the Fire: The Dramatic True Story of an Impossible Rescue by Dann Stadler

Release Date: July 1, 2013
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

On an early September night in 1989, what should have been a night of celebration became a night of terror for Dann and Tracey Stadler. After leaving dinner with family, they made their way to the home of Tracey's parents. That's where they were staying during their anniversary vacation. A split second later, they were fighting for their lives.

A drunk driver hit their vehicle head-on, going nearly 70 mph and leaving little chance for anyone to survive. It would take a miracle, and one was given. Not only did the couple survive the crash, but they were left with questions of life, faith and forgiveness. Follow both Dan and Tracey as they make their journey from the events of that night to all the experiences that awaited them during their healing.

I'll be honest. When I entered the Goodreads giveaway for this book, I thought it was going to be about firefighters and their jobs as community servants because I didn't read the descriptive blurb closely. After winning and receiving the book, I quickly found the real story to be just as intriguing and quite a journey. I was glad that I was given a chance to read and review this book.

Right from the beginning, the reader is made aware of two things. One, a horrific accident took place on that September evening in 1989. Two, the couple's faith in God is a major driving force in both their rescue and recovery journey that followed. Their faith is exemplified from the first paragraph where they give the other driver a false name in order to spare his family anymore grief or hurt. That takes a large amount of compassion and forgiveness and isn't often seen in the world today.

This book draws information from many sources including news media, eye witness accounts and the accounts of both Dann and Tracey as well as their family members. If you are a tender-hearted person, I would recommend having a box of tissues nearby as the story of their recovery will give plenty of awe inspiring and praiseworthy moments.

Because the book is written by Dann, one of the survivors of the crash, we're given a lot of glimpses of their lives. I think the open and honest way in which everything is presented allows the reader to feel as though they are there alongside the couple and experiencing everything at the same time. The way the journey is arranged is straightforward, beginning directly before the accident and continuing through their immediate recovery before finishing to present day. While the not stymied in medial jargon or filled with every detail, the record Dann has crafted moves along at a comfortable pace that really allows the reader to absorb everything. From the desperation felt during the frightful moments just after the crash to the triumph of overcoming the adversities through strong wills, gritty determination and a fire-hardened faith, everything is laid out for the reader in a way that is easy to understand.

In the end, I truly enjoyed reading this book. Dann and Tracey Stadler's faith goes beyond words. They live it, breathe it and practice it without hesitation. It was so before the accident and was reaffirmed through their trials and tribulations. Yes, many parts were difficult to read through but I imagine the difficulty was many times worse for those who lived through it. If you are looking for an uplifting, inspiring read, then I suggest you pick up this book.

Angels in the Fire: The Dramatic True Story of an Impossible Rescue by Dann Stadler is currently available at many online retailers in both paperback and Kindle forms. It can be purchased at Amazon by following the link below.
Angels in the Fire: The Dramatic True Story of an Impossible Rescue by Dann Stadler

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