Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Currently Reading

Not much left to the year known as 2014, but I've been doing a lot of soul searching over the past few days. Due to the rush of the holidays, my current bad health and a few personal situations with my family, I have come to a sort of sad decision. I will be posting only the Current Reading posts on Wednesdays until after the first of the new year. I hate to disappoint people, but the worry and health consequences would have me continually push things further and further in that direction. If I rest up and get well, I can come back with a passion to knock out this list.

Two by two, they gather here;
The Saeshell Book of Time, Part 1: The Death of Innocents (Children of Sophista #1) by Rusty Biesele
Jackfish Reborn by Rejean Giguere
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
Say You Will (Summerhill Book 1) by Kate Perry
Fire in the Blood by Erin M. Evans
The Vines by Christopher Rice

One by one, they limp away there,
None - yet.

A HUGE thanks to the authors who have been so gracious and allowed me to move their book reviews into the new year. I couldn't have made the decision without their input. Here's to everyone having a wonderful holiday season and see you all here next week!

Until next time,
Kay B

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