Sunday, September 1, 2013

September's Hopes and Dreams

Whoa. This year is flying by so fast! There's hardly been enough time to really step back and enjoy everything that's happened. I wouldn't trade it for anything though. Let's just say, I'm really happy that I'm finally doing something with the things that I love most - reading and writing.

I have always been a reader but never really set goals for myself. I figured that the days would come when things would just fall into place. Now, I realize that I have to put some effort into achieving anything and have been doing exactly that. Still very much a newbie in a lot of areas, but I love the fact that I'm learning new things as I take these baby steps to reaching my dream. So far, my goal for the year is to have read 100 books. That's the most I've ever read in a year that I can remember keeping track of and it's been a long time since I've done it. If everything stays on target, I'll reach that goal before the end of the year with extra to spare. But we all know how life works. I'll have to have a cushion, just in case.

As for the second item on my list, I have been pushing myself to write something every day that I'm able. Last week I sprained my wrist so I wasn't able to do much more than sitting and pouting for a few days. With the repeated practice, I feel that I've become more comfortable with the process of getting my ideas or stories on the page. A local literary magazine may publish an article that I wrote. I'm nervous because I wasn't sure it was exactly what they were looking for but it's an attempt that I wouldn't have taken a year ago. The next item on my agenda is finishing a submission piece for consideration into an anthology of work by the people of the Kindle users' forums. It's an open submission so I'm going to go for it.

The only other project on the list is the charity project for our local behavioral center. We've nearly finished the minimum amount needed of hats and scarves. I'm confident that we'll reach the goal and then some. No matter how much time it takes, the items will be finished for those children. Work's already started in the planning phase of the next project so I'll be doing more crocheting next year as well.

I hope this month is a great one for all of you. Lots of pages read and things accomplished in all your futures. Do you have anything specific that you're wanting to cross off your list this month? If so, feel free to discuss it in the comments. Lots of luck - no matter what you're doing!

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