Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Currently Reading

Summer has decided it wanted to go out with a bang and has been heating up our area the past few days. I was really enjoying the unseasonably cool days during July but had a sneaky suspicion that the heat wasn't done with us. Weather is definitely being tricksy with us. What a perfect reason to scoop up a book or two and enjoy an air-conditioned room.

I wish I could say that I've been more productive in the reading department over the past week. These hats and scarves are beginning to overrun my workspace. I don't mind - too much. It's for a great cause so I'm working around them. Writing's been steady but not at a good quality everyday. There's been a lot of off days to be sure. The only thing that works for me is back away and come back a little later.

I'm reading through these this week;
The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth
Where We Belong by Catherine Ryan Hyde
My Dead Friend Sarah: A Novel by Peter Rosch
DiSemblance by Shanae Branham

So far, I've finished the following;
Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Shadow of the Piper by L.P. Hoffman

Pretty soon, Autumn will be upon us. Are there any special events that you're looking forward to this season? I know it won't be too much longer and we'll have NaNoWriMo on our hands.

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