Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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As I sit here, I have no idea as to where I should begin to recap the past week. So many things happened that it has made my head spin. Even through all the excitement, I was able to finish a couple of books and get their reviews ready. Budgeting my time wisely is becoming a more crucial skill that I need to hone. To be honest, I didn't read much over the weekend. Those days were spent trying to finish up the community project items. The minimum goal has almost been met so anything above that will be created at a more leisurely pace.

Exciting news on the writing/book front! I had a deadline to enter a submission for an anthology of stories and poetry to be published in October/November of this year. Though my stomach felt as though it had been put through ten rounds of Mike Tyson punches, I sent off a short story for consideration. Yesterday, I received news that my story was accepted! All I needed to do was approve the minor edits and send in a short author bio for the anthology. Let me tell you, the bio was harder to write than the story! I'm so excited!

On top of all this, I also received an email asking me to take part in a book blog tour for an unreleased book. I agreed to read and review the book without a second thought - mostly because I was interested in the story to begin with. This means that I will be having a special blog post on an upcoming Wednesday to let you, my wonderful readers, know about the book!

The books I'm set to devour this week include;
The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth
The Grave Artist by Paula Lynn Johnson
Buck: A Memoir by M.K. Asante
The Greenland Breach by Bernard Besson

So far, I'm finished with the following;
A Promise to Remember (Tomorrow's Promise Collection Book #1) by Kathryn Cushman
DiSemblance by Shanae Branham

More information about the anthology and special blog post will be given as soon as I have them. Taking these steps out of my comfort zone has definitely been scary. Yet, they're also rewarding. What dream are you chasing, readers?

Until next time,

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