Monday, July 8, 2013

Seven-X by Mike Wech

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars.

Eddie Hansen is a reporter who has focused his mind on one thing - scoring the biggest story, the biggest payday. He receives hints and vague insinuations about something drastic going on with the prisoners in Texas but does nothing with it until the husband of a convicted child murderer, Annette Dobson, begs Eddie to find out the truth behind her sudden wish to be cremated. We, the readers, are along for the ride as Eddie discovers the truth about Annette and others like her as well as truths about himself that he had buried deep down inside.

I was very happy to receive a copy of this book in Kindle form in exchange for an honest and fair review. Reading the blurb alone drew my attention and I couldn't wait to get started. The first few chapters of the story were a little slow but once I became accustomed to the format in which the book was written, the story began to pick up in terms of action and explanations. Most of the book is laid out in a journal-entry style with additions being made by another party.

In the case of this book, it is Eddie's girlfriend who is making the additions and placing the entries in a chronological order. That does help keep the flow of the story together and swiftly sweeps the reader along with it. I was quite thrilled that some of the characters could be seen as playing both sides of the fence. There was never a defined sense of good guys and bad guys within the story. Most of the time, the characters stayed within the grey area with only a few straying into one definite side or the other.

This book was a great read with many twists and turns that I enjoyed. I don't know if the many grammatical mistakes I found along the way were intentional or not. Given the fact that the book was written in the journal style, the mistakes could very well be taken as Eddie's mistakes and not the authors. In all honesty, that was the only thing that threw me off the story whenever I would come across them. Otherwise, great plot, great action and a lot of head scratching! If you're looking for a page-turner that will leave you wondering, this is most definitely the book for you. Just leave a light on while reading at night.

Seven-X by Mike Wech was originally released in March 2012 and is currently available in both paperback and Kindle form. It can be purchased from by clicking the link below.
Seven-X by Mike Wech

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