Monday, July 15, 2013

Once Upon a Time is Now by Stephen Carpenter

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars.

Jacob Grimm discovers that his life as the boy known as Cruise Crubbel has all been a lie. He soon finds out that he had been sent away from his birthplace in order to keep his identity secret from all the things in the world that would seek him out and do him harm. After feeling compelled to return to his birthplace, Jacob is immediately thrust into a world that he only knew to exist between the covers of a book. He has to make a choice to accept the responsibilities placed upon him by his birth family, run from everything for the rest of his life or face the possibility of never seeing a year past his fifteenth.

When I began reading this book, I had no idea that the television show, Grimm, had been based upon the book. I had gotten the book based on the blurb from and thought it would be an interesting and opposite view on the Grimm fairy tales from the book, UnEnchanted that I had read a few months prior. While I like the show a lot, the book differs from the show in a number of ways. My review will be based upon the book only.

The book is written from the point of view of Jacob, the last living Grimm descendent and typical fifteen year-old. With a quick pace set fairly early, the action revs up as Jacob arrives in town and stays constant until he and his companions deal with the first set of obstacles thrown his way. The sense of urgency is felt within the descriptions of the scenes and character movements so it is easy to get lost within the action of the story.

Honestly, it felt as though the poor characters barely had a moment to catch their breath before the next thing happened. I quite liked the fact that it drove me to keep turning the page long after I knew I needed to put the book away for the night. As this is the first in a series, I can't wait to give the others a look. If you're in the mood for something a bit out of the ordinary or a different take on an familiar tale, consider this at the top of your list!

Once Upon a Time is Now by Stephen Carpenter is available in Kindle form. It can be bought from by clicking on the link below.
Once Upon a Time is Now by Stephen Carpenter

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