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The Resurrection Maker: A Thriller by Glenn Cooper

Release Date: November 14, 2014
Publisher: Lascaux Media
Author Website:

Rating: 3 out 5 stars.

In his everyday life Arthur Mallory worked at a prestigious company as a chemist, but his passion was searching for treasure - especially the Holy Grail. His father and grandfather held the same passion as well as an extra rib, a gift descending from Thomas Malore, one of many who searched for the Holy Grail in order to protect it. A series of tragic events pushed Arthur to accept the challenge of finding the answers and maybe even the grail itself in order to keep it from the hands of those who would do otherwise.

Following his every move was a mysterious order who wanted the Grail. They occupied stately occupations and possessed a vast network of underlings who could their bidding without question. As they pursued Arthur, they relished each advance he made. Can Arthur thwart this cabal and retrieve the greatest of all treasures before they do? Will he be alive long enough to do so?

This title was one of three by the author offered through a special offer given to members of NetGalley. I was always a sucker for a good treasure adventure and quickly scooped up all three of them. This particular title dealt with Arthur Mallory and his search for the Holy Grail across Europe. Not only did the author present an exciting tale of adventure fraught with danger, but he humanized the search by using familial ties and emotions through the character of Arthur.

It was easy to root for Arthur because he seemed like the typical, everyman type of character who worked and played hard, but kept his emotions close to the vest on most occasions. Once he was on the hunt, the kid-like glee and excitement drove him further down the line and pushed until he reached the end of the line. There were his friends, The Loons, who met with him often to discuss the Grail and try to solve the puzzles surrounding it. Only one person really didn't fit until the last few chapters. I wasn't sure about her involvement at all, going back and forth on which side she truly stood. I still didn't know for certain and will have doubts. But out of all the characters, I think I liked Arthur's relative, Elizabeth, the best. She was sharp, witty and didn't let anyone or anything hold her back.

Right away the reader was introduced to Arthur and his Grail-seeking passions. From that moment the adventure began. Layer upon layer of intrigue and action moved the story along at a steady clip. What set this story apart from other such books that I've read was the chapters in which the past was explored. Those chapters brought a sense of humanity to the origin stories that people have heard over the ages. Though we really can't know for certain what occurred with those specific people, it added an interesting, enjoyable flavor to the entire book.

Overall, I enjoyed the first title by this author and look forward to the other titles that are on my TBR list. Some might see this book as predictable or run-of-the-mill, but I liked the little things that separated the book from the others. Even as it used many of the well-known clues, the story lingered over little phrases or actions that could've been overlooked. Using these to weave everything together, the author brought forth a nicely entertaining story. For those who love myths and legends from long ago or enjoy a treasure hunt, this book should be on your list to read.

The Resurrection Maker: A Thriller by Glenn Cooper is currently available in either Kindle or paperback versions. It can be found at many online retailers including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The following link will lead you to its Amazon page.
The Resurrection Maker: A Thriller by Glenn Cooper

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