Sunday, January 4, 2015

January's Hopes and Dreams

Happy 2015, everyone!

Starting this year off with a cold wasn't how I pictured my new year, but reality often differs greatly from our hopes. Though it wasn't what I expected, it has allowed me a small bit of downtime to really pack in some reading. I have been able to knock a few books off my TBR pile (which were subsequently replaced by gifts from others). So, it's not too bad.

This year looks so promising in a lot of areas. Plenty of exciting books are on the market or about to be put on the market. My poor Kindle is going to stage an intervention at any time if I keep piling the books on there. I truly can't help myself sometimes. Reading is one of those times. Writing used to be among that list, over much of the last year, it wasn't. I'm hoping to rectify that in this year.

The hard work of establishing a schedule began before 2014 ended. Each day I attempted an hour of writing, wading through cough drop wrappers and tissues at several points. Some of it was badly written but I've left it until the story is finished. Then I plan to add an hour of editing. Bit by bit I will conquer this particular demon of mine.

Not very many community projects are going to be on my plate this year. I am determined to fulfill the promise of making items for our local nursing home residents by the middle of the year. There are a great deal other promises I want to keep and crafts to make to fulfill them. One by one, they will be made. I have to learn to put my foot down and keep myself on schedule. You'll keep me accountable, right?

Here's to a wonderful 2015! May it be filled with wonderful things, learning experiences and brilliantly loving moments for you all.

Until next time,
Kay B

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