Sunday, June 1, 2014

June's Hopes and Dreams

Who ordered the year on fast forward?

Seems like yesterday I was thinking that summer couldn't get here fast enough. Now that it's here, I'm glad for the air conditioner! The temperatures really need to find a compromise. Maybe somewhere around 70-ish would be a good start.

Regardless of the weather, I am very happy to continue this blog. Together we reached the one year milestone and I cannot wait for the next one! I hoped to give away two giftcards as prizes for the anniversary celebration. However, only one was awarded. The second giveaway had no participation, partially due to my being ill, so I'll have a random giveaway sometime close to the holiday season. I'm sure a free giftcard will be snatched up then.

Whether I've mentioned this or not before, I can't remember. Therefore I will mention it now. I do have a few chronic illnesses that plague me most of the time. Many days I can combat the way they make me feel and push myself to finish these books in time for a consistent posting schedule. Recently I ran into a situation where all the extra reviews I had were used up and my illness ran longer than I anticipated. If there is ever a time when it's all quiet here, please know that I'm doing my best to keep giving you honest, fair reviews.

Everything else is still in "behind schedule" land. I have so many stories and ideas that I want to write and not enough hours in the day to type them all out. I did make progress on quite a few secret projects. The granny square collection drive for the Brown-Brooks Project has collected over 250 squares so far! Those will sewn into a bunch of lovely afghans for the residents at one of our local nursing homes.

Hope this month brings you many wonders and delights. Summery weather is in full effect. Don't forget to explore the pages of some wonderful books as you go on vacations and adventures!

Until next time,
Kay B

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