Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Currently Reading

A little bit behind this week, I have been putting more time into doing some writing exercises and editing on NaNo2012. It's been a struggle since I've also been fighting another sinus infection. I can't kick these stupid infections this season. However, I will survive them and find a way to get through all the things I want to accomplish.

So many new books are coming out that I want to read! Anne Rice is adding a new book to the Vampire Chronicles. Stephen King is releasing a book that makes me cringe (in a good way). C.S. Marks has finally put out the last book in her Alterra, The World That Is trilogy. I've been waiting for that book for a while now! I am so looking forward to many others. This blog has helped me to find some new authors to enjoy as well such as Heather Wardell, Michael F. Stewart and many more.

Daring me to read them are;
The Saeshell Book of Time, Part 1: The Death of Innocents (Children of Sophista #1) by Rusty Biesele
Jackfish Reborn by Rejean Giguere
Bones of My Brother by L. Frank Dunkin
The Butcher by Jennifer Hillier
Acting My Face by Anthony James

Completed books this week include;
Off the Kuf, Volume 1: Short Fiction from the Kindle Users Forum (Off the KUF #1) by Various Authors, David Wailing (Editor)

Okay, on to the next book! I can't wait to delve deeper into my TBR pile, but I'm going to have to pace myself. What's on your summertime reading list? Any recommendations?

Until next time,
Kay B

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