Monday, December 9, 2013

What's Left Behind - Poetry Collection by Michal Mahgerefteh

Release Date: October 1, 2013 (First published March 2012)
Publisher: Poetica Publishing Company

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

In an attempt to come to terms with the passing of her mother, Michal Mahgerefteh pours her heart and soul into the poetry which makes up What's Left Behind. As her grieving process continued, the depth of her pain is felt within each of the lines. The poems also reflect the level of devotion and love that both the author and her father felt as the dark days overtook them. Touching upon a subject that many can relate to, Michal Mahgerefteh allows the reader into the emotional, spiritual and sometimes physical journey that she and her family underwent.

I won this collection of poems from a free giveaway at and grew somewhat anxious waiting for it to arrive. The subject matter of the book hits fairly close to home for me. Whereas the author lost her mother while witnessing her father's struggle, my family went through a similar situation with the passing of my brother. So in a way, I was excited to read these poems and at the same time, I was dreading it.

There is an intense level of raw emotion within the lines of each poem. Though they vary in length, the power is still apparent to the reader. With honesty and real emotion, the author allows us, the readers, a glimpse into her grieving process without a thought to whether we find it messy or painful. It's an interesting blend of honoring her mother's memory and dealing with the stray threads of life that remain for her father and the author herself.

I was quite taken with a few of the poems. They mirrored the emotions that I felt when watching my brother slip from this world into the next. In Things She Left Behind, the words paint the images vividly and without closing my eyes, I could picture the items that my parents packed to take home. Each item symbolizing something precious and sacred in an everyday kind of way to my brother as the items in the poem were to the author's mother. My heart grew heavy as I read By Her Resting Place. Everything I felt at my brother's graveside was summed up in these few lines.

This collection of poems has the ability to reach into the reader and touch their soul with the longing and love carried by their words. Since nearly everyone experiences the loss of a loved one at some point in their lives, they will be able to feel the author's words, not just read them. I truly loved these poems. They say the things that we sometimes cannot. If you're looking for a deeply meaningful and loving collection, I would buy this in a heartbeat.

What's Left Behind - Poetry Collection by Michal Mahgerefteh is currently available in Kindle form at It is soon to be released in paperback as well. You can purchase the e-book from the following link.
What's Left Behind - Poetry Collection by Michal Mahgerefteh

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