Friday, December 13, 2013

Coldwater by Diana Gould

Release Date: January 15, 2013
Publisher: Vireo Book, A

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Brett Tanager was among the elite in Hollywood, thanks to her work as writer/producer on a hit television show and her relationship with Jonathon Weissman. With an instant family and unbridled success at her fingertips, Brett made a fateful decision that ultimately cost her everything. It was at her lowest point that she was entrusted with Julia Weissman's darkest secret.

Now, with the girl she once called daughter missing and another teenage girl murdered, Brett makes it her mission to become sober and save Julia. She follows the clues as they lead her further and further into the dark side of Hollywood. As the darkness surrounds her, Brett must fight her demons if she wants to see Julia alive. Will she be able to maneuver through the underworld without succumbing to the temptations?

Having won this book from a Goodreads giveaway, I was looking forward to reading this book the moment it arrived. The mystery/suspense genre has always been one of my favorites. The author promised an intriguing, dark and fast-paced book. I think it's safe to say that she definitely delivered.

The book began in the midst of Brett's downward spiral. For all of her success, she couldn't see that her addictions were taking away everything that she held dear. A stupid decision was all it took for her to reach rock bottom. We, the readers, see it happen right before our eyes. Through Brett we experience her deepening spiral until she's shocked out of it by something more terrible than she could imagine.

Packed with action, the author takes us for a ride through some dark, rough spots of the Hollywood lifestyle. There's barely time to breathe before the next lead takes Brett (and us) into a situation where the chance of danger is quite high. Along the way, we are introduced to other characters who help or hinder her progress. I really enjoyed the distinctly celebrity vibe that most of the characters had. It fit within the book's world really well and made the story seem more realistic.

Because it is a mystery/suspense thriller, one expects twists and turns. There are plenty in the book that kept me turning the page. Of course, there were a few I guessed before they were revealed (an unfortunate side effect of reading so many books in the genre). But a few were surprising to me which made it more fun to read. There was one moment where Brett's past came to haunt her and I thought the result may be the same. Let's just say that the resolution takes a few pages, drawing out the anxiety and making it palpable.

Overall, I liked this book. It was familiar yet different enough to keep me wanting more. I loved that we have an extremely flawed character from the start. Seeing her fight the urges of addiction while battling real life adversaries was an interesting mix. If a down and dirty romp through the seedy underbelly of Hollywood sounds like fun way to spend the night, pick up a copy of this book. Just be sure to bring protection.

Coldwater by Diana Gould is currently available at many online retailers in paperbook or Kindle forms. You can buy either version from the link below.
Coldwater by Diana Gould

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