Sunday, April 13, 2014

April's Hopes and Dreams

Once again we have transitional weather. It's not hot enough to warrant using the air conditioner, yet not cold enough to keep the furnace working. Extra blankets heaped upon my bed keep me comfortable during the dips in temperature and a fan to keep the air circulating. All the joys of moving from winter into spring!

Despite the ups and downs in weather or the allergies, spring means a better chance of getting many things crossed off my to-do list. I fell behind on a lot of projects while fighting two bouts of the flu and colds galore. I hope to get caught up in several areas including reading/reviewing, my community project and a few secret craft projects.

I had to set aside my editing on NaNo12 for a while. It was frustrating me because I noticed many scenes that weren't exactly how I pictured them in my mind as I wrote them. My attempts to correct them weren't helping at all. Before I threw the whole thing away, I put it aside. After a few months of working on a few short stories and a couple of poems, I felt ready to pick NaNo12 back up.

The biggest of all news is the upcoming one year anniversary of CoWA! I've been mentioning a couple of giveaways. The prizes of those will be a $25 Amazon giftcard! More information and rules will come in the last Currently Reading post of this month (last Wednesday of the month). I might have a couple of other things up my sleeve but you'll have to wait and see.

Okay, back to work! Wishing all of you a wonderful month full of progress, positivity and fun times.
Until next time,
Kay B

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