Friday, October 25, 2013

DiSemblance by Shanae Branham

Release Date: August 2012
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Jason and Isaac Tanner knew how the outside world worked even though they were kept away from it for a large part of their lives. Due to their father's secretive work on technology that helped create a virtual world, Jason was a natural with computers and took it upon himself to guard his father's creation with a high degree of seriousness.

When their father fails to come home from a weekend away, the boys learn not only of his death but their father was thought to be a serial killer the police had been tracking for months. Jason Tanner does the only thing he can think of when the outside world invades their home. He goes on the run after destroying the invention in the hopes of saving himself and the ones he loves.

Not being well versed in computer or technology lingo, I was a little worried when I won this book from a giveaway. Once I began reading, I felt relieved. There is a lot of discussion around the computer programs, viruses and other areas of technology. Yet, the author does a great job of blending the information with the story so that it flows as one. I was able to enjoy the book while learning new things without feeling overwhelmed.

Each of the characters had their own voice throughout the book. It would be easy for a supporting character to get lost within as much action as the author packed within the pages. For this book, they added to the story when necessary while fading into the background in order for the main characters to do what needed to be done and helped move the story forward. I truly think the reactions of the characters were realistic given the circumstances which surrounded them.

Action propelled the story from the very beginning. it barely eased up as the story neared its conclusion. I lost track of the number of times that I thought I had things figured out and the story proved me wrong. Several twists and turns kept my attention, my hands turning the pages to find out what happened. I was not prepared for all that happened in the final chapters. Definitely glad the author plans on a sequel!

Overall, I found the story to be engaging and very entertaining. The layers of intelligence - virtual and cerebral - add dimensions to the novel that keep you guessing. If you are looking for a good introduction into techno-thrillers with a YA twist, I would recommend this book.

DiSemblance by Shanae Branham can be purchased from many online retailers including and comes in both paperback and Kindle forms. Clicking the link below will take you to Amazon where you can purchase a copy.
DiSemblance by Shanae Branham

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