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A Promise to Remember (Tomorrow's Promise Collection Book #1) by Kathryn Cushman

Release Date: October 1, 2007
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Series: Tomorrow's Promise Collection

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

When an accident claims the lives of two boys, the town of Santa Barbara is split down the middle as each side rallies one of the mothers. Andi has it all when her son is taken too soon - money, prestige and all the luxuries afforded to the wealthy class. Melanie has always been hardworking and doing what she could to make ends meet while raising her children.

In the aftermath of the fatal accident, both women saw their lives transformed and yet they couldn't see the pain in each other. When their decisions begin impacting the world around them, both women have a choice to make. Can each of the women find solace only in the anger and frustration bubbling beneath the surface? Will the town survive the rippling effect that the actions of one has on the other?

While I have mixed feelings about this book, I have to say that the story touches the heart of the reader in many ways. I purchased the book from Amazon because I could relate to the feeling of losing someone special in my life. The characters in the story seemed real to me and their reactions were those I have either experienced or seen someone close go through in their own grieving process.

Though the cast of characters is large, the author does a great job of keeping the focus on the main characters and allowing their struggles, thoughts and feelings come across with honesty. The supporting characters do add to the story in helpful ways that keep the story moving. I admit that there were more than a few times that I felt a connection with both mothers, the sister and even the kids in the youth group.

Even though the issue of faith and Christianity is present throughout the book, it doesn't seem to be forced in any way. The role it plays in the characters' lives is realistic and shows how deeply it affects the person and in the various ways. The message of forgiveness runs throughout the story in a positive manner which I think makes the story better and more real. Having been to similar churches, I could identify with the various members.

The only drawback that kept me from truly enjoying the story was the pacing in various chapters. There were parts that seemed long to me. I felt that I had already heard the same thing at a different part of the chapter and repeating the issue was merely keeping the story from moving without adding anything else to the plot.

Overall, I did enjoy the story because of the realness of the characters. Their anger, hurt and finally being able to see through those issues made it a very worthwhile read. If you are looking for a good story about faith, love and family, then I would give this book a definite chance.

A Promise to Remember (Tomorrow's Promise Collection Book #1) by Kathryn Cushman is available in various forms including Kindle, hardback or paperback. You can find more information at by clicking the link below.
A Promise to Remember (Tomorrow's Promise Collection Book #1) by Kathryn Cushman

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