Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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This past week seemed to speed away from me! I had so much planned and was able to do about half of the things I wanted to accomplish. Since my husband began a new job, we're trying to get used to a new sleep schedule. That doesn't bode well for my frequent bouts of insomnia so I've been turning to my Kindle for company more often than an actual book. So far, trying to cram as many written pages into daylight hours as possible has been like trying to clean dirt.

Nonetheless, I have managed to keep myself occupied in the book department. My pile of giveaway reads is slowly diminishing. Having an opportunity to clear out some of the books to be read on my Kindle will help to keep the thing from planning a revolt anytime soon. I'm super happy for this Wednesday because a close friend of mine and I are doing a book swap. She's got half a dozen books that I've been wanting to read. I've got a bag full of books for her to pick from. It's awesome to have a fellow addict to share with!

This week, I'm going to be reading:
The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth
Beautiful Whispers by Alice Ayden
Where We Belong by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Plastic Tulips in the Winter by Denice Vickers

I've finished these books so far:
The Haunted Hikikomori by Lawrence Pearce
Her Last Breath by Linda Castillo

Do you have someone or a group of people that you swap books with? If so, how often do you exchange books or titles? Hope you all are able to get some good reads this week!

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