Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello, my name's Kay...

...and I'm a wordaholic.

I'm addict to words. I came to the realization after many years of finding myself buried under piles of books that I have yet to read as well as those that I've read a thousand times over. I have been writing everything from short stories to poetry for as long as I can remember. Either way, I am always feeding this addiction of mine.

Recently, I have found myself drawn to ebooks. I have a Kindle full of books that I would never have room for on my shelves. Thanks in large part to the free ebook promotion, I have hundreds of books that I am planning to read. I also have received several books from promotional giveaways from that I find interesting.

All of this has led me to make the decision to begin a book review blog. Since I have already begun doing so at several other places, it only makes sense to put them in a general location and fan out from there. I hope to encourage to pick up a good book or two in the process.

Come along with me as I feed this addiction of mine. Let's get lost in the world of words together.

Happy Reading,

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