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Scraps of Evidence: Quilts of Love Series (Quilts of Love #14) by Barbara Cameron

Release Date: January 21, 2014
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Series: Quilts of Love series, #14

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

A new promotion. New responsibilities. A new partner. All these things added up to a whirlwind of change for Tess. She was a professional at handling the duties that came with being a detective in St. Augustine, Florida. It was the mixture of emotions she felt when looking at her new partner and the return of a long-dreaded killer that turned her world upside down.

While juggling the stress from all sides, Tess found a small bit of peace within her quilting and her faith. As she and her new partner poured over the old case files, new clues came to light and lead in a direction no one thought possible. Can she keep those she loves safe from the killer in her past?

This book was a fun, quick read to fill a pleasant afternoon while sitting on my porch and enjoying the sunshine. I purchased it from Amazon during a promotional period but that doesn't take away from the story in any way, shape or form. This story had a bit of everything in it - faith, romance, mystery and even a bit of action. Added all up, the book was a treat to read.

Much of the story was centered around the leading woman, Tess, and her experiences while being a police detective in St. Augustine, Florida. The core group of supporting characters in the story were known to her intimately as she was born and raised in the small city. Many were family or friends who as close to her as family. The only outsider to have any sort of impact on her world was her new partner, Logan, who arrived from Chicago. I enjoyed seeing how uncomfortable Logan was when put in situations where Tess felt at home.

With the pacing steady from the first word, there wasn't a sense of increased anxiety in the beginning as the story builds up. The reader is already in the middle of an overwhelming situation by the end of the first chapter and will be there until the matter was resolved. I liked the amount of twists and turns as well as the emotional situations that were heaped upon the characters. I did wonder a time or two how things were going to come to a close when my predictions were proved wrong. That made the book a good one for me, the not always knowing despite reading dozens in similar genres.

Overall, I did enjoy the book more than I anticipated. Not only was the element of creating woven into the story, but the basic story was well-written and layered with details to keep me interested. Though this book was in the Christian genre, I was pleased to see that it didn't overwhelm the story. In fact, the moments where their faith was mentioned helped to shape the story and the characters themselves. The only drawback was the quickness in a certain situation. I can't reveal anything else without spoiling the story completely. I know it can happen that way. I just see it happening that often. If you're looking for a great, interesting way to spend an afternoon (or any other time), this book needs to be on your list!

Scraps of Evidence: Quilts of Love Series (Quilts of Love #14) by Barbara Cameron is currently available online at many retailers in either paperback or Kindle form. Click the link provided below to get your copy from Amazon today.
Scraps of Evidence: Quilts of Love Series (Quilts of Love #14) by Barbara Cameron

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