Monday, November 23, 2015

Personal Update

I can't remember anyone making me a promise that life was easy. Instead the past year has been full of twists and turns that the best mystery novel couldn't have predicted for me. Due to the seriousness of the situations in my personal life, I made the most difficult decision to date. I have to put this blog on hold until the beginning of the new year.

Definitely not something I wanted or anticipated, but necessity trumped whatever reason I offered. Between traveling miles to doctor appointments or spending  hours deciphering and filling out paperwork, I've had little to no time to spend with my beloved words. I'm so far behind in my reviews that I'll have a good head start on the year. There still a ton of books on my Kindle to read, so I'm not giving up completely.

Thank you for your patience and the continued support. To know that someone's out there, checking on me from time to time, means a great deal. I wish I could say that it will be a simple over and done with type of deal, but it's not. Life isn't meant to be that way.

May you have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving holiday.
Until next time,
Kay B

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