Sunday, July 13, 2014

July's Hopes and Dreams

Stupid life has a way of interfering with my reading goals! It's beginning to look like I won't reach my overall reading goal for the year this time around. One thing after another has distracted me from my print books or my little Kindle. I think I'm going to just go with the flow for the rest of the year and see where that leads me instead of pushing myself to go to the extreme to finish things without truly reading them.

With the year more than half over, I'm surprised to see how much I still have left on my TBR pile. I didn't realize I'd added so many new books to the pile. Guess I will be doubling down on the pages I read for the next few weeks. Between this backlog and the current craft projects, I have a feeling that I will be quite busy for some time. My writing has suffered a little but not as much as the reading. That's the shining light in the past couple of weeks.

I finished editing some more chapters of NaNo2012. Some of the story is missing bits and pieces that could make it better but I'm just not exactly sure what it needs right now. There's a short story contest in my local area. If there are a lot of entries, then the collection may be published. I've got a few ideas for a couple of stories. Seems like I need my mind to figure out one direction for the stories instead of the 30 I normally get in my brain.

Since we're in the middle of summer, what has been your favorite book of the season so far? Have you read anything new that's captured your heart? Or was it an old favorite keeping you company on these warm nights?

Until next time,
Kay B

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